Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"Glitter and Shine" -- DT2 Challenge!

All right…. it’s time for GLITTER.  No, not that horrible Mariah Carey movie.  This week’s challenge is all about Glitter.  It is called “Glitter and Shine” and we had to make a card, layout or project and use any colors that we want.  Now, don’t be afraid and think of a huge mess with Elmer’s glue and glitter canisters.  Leave the Hoover in the closet because this week Glitter has grown up.

When hosting a party, it doesn’t matter how great the food is, the music or the guests.  A party is not successful unless you go the extra mile with the DETAILS!!!!!

For this week’s glitter challenge, I am going the extra mile by decorating the bar with a homemade glitter banner.  Nothing says cocktails like a good old fashioned “Cheers”.
I decided to make a glitter Cheers banner to go over the bar area to make it more inviting for party guests. Whether you have hired a bartender or the bar help is yourself, it is the detailed banner that lets everyone know where the bar is and calls them over to grab a drink.
This is an easy, affordable way to add a little sparkle to the party.

And here is my Cheers banner:

Here is a close up of a letter so that you can see just how pretty the glitter really is....

For the banner, I used:

Recollection Glitter Cardstock
Kate’s ABC cartridge for my font
Celebrate It pink ribbon

I cut the letters at 6 inches with my Cricut Expression.
The cardstock was so thick that I actually used the Multi Cut feature and cut it twice.
Once the letters were cut out, I punched holes in each letter with my Crop-A-Dile and
ran the ribbon through it.  SOOO EASY!!!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my project!

... and that's the buzz for now....


  1. Very nice use of glitter paper. Love the idea.
    Marye Bird

  2. This is so very versatile. Love the color you chose. I didn't know recollections had glitter paper, I'll have to try it now!!!

    Love it :)


  3. This is just absolutely stunning!!!