Thursday, June 14, 2012

Candy Centerpieces

Don’t you hate it when you have to pay twice as much for half the stuff?  I know I do!  No more retail centerpieces for this Queen B.  No, thank you, I will do it myself….

I will not be catty and name names but some local grocery stores and craft stores are charging up to $30.00 a pop for candy on a stick. That’s right, $30.00 for six Hershey Bars on a stick, stuck in a boring coffee mug.  Before you go and spend that kind of money, know that you can do it CHEAPER and BETTER yourself in just a few easy steps.  That’s right... listen to Queen B and in a few easy steps you will have some amazing, edible centerpieces that are sure to be a hit.  Don’t need centerpieces but know a candyholic you need a gift for? This is sure to be a big hit!!!!


Assorted candy (whatever kind you prefer) about 15 pieces
Package of wooden skewers (1.99 for 100 -- I got mine at Kroger grocery store)
Curling ribbon
1 small bag of Shredded Paper Crinkles as filler
Hot glue gun
Any cute container for the base, (glass vase or planters are popular)
Small pieces of candy to put in the bottom of vase (optional)

1.  Hot glue a strip down the back of the individual pieces of candy.  (To get height, make your strip closer to the top of the candy).  For thicker candy or candy boxes, glue two strips on the back of the candy and 
attach two skewers.
2.  Attach skewers to the glue. 
3.  Tie curling ribbon around each stick and curl
4.  Put hot glue on all sides of Styrofoam and roll the Styrofoam in paper crinkles where you can't really see the Styrofoam.

5.  Put Styrofoam in the bottom of your container and make sure it is a snug fit
6.  Poke skewers in the Styrofoam, varying the height and angles

7.  After all skewers are in Styrofoam, fill the base with the filler.  You can also add small pieces of candy to the bottom of the vase if you like.
8.  Add additional ribbons as needed

DONE!!!!  That’s right... it is that easy!!  I made two candy vases with way more candy than they were offering in those unnamed stores for about $15 each.

..... and that’s the buzz for now!


  1. Awesome Job Queen B!

  2. What a cute gift idea. I can't wait to see what you will come up with next.

  3. Great idea. I hope you don't care if I borrow it. Thanks for sharing.